Saturday, September 9, 2017

Thrift Store Therapy---Fairy Tale Purse

Well. So much craziness in the world. So much, that I feel kinda bad posting about a purse I found at Goodwill, but here we go...

This purse caught my eye at a Goodwill in the next town over. The red roses remind me, of course, of fairy tales!

I've mentioned before that my thriftdar has been honed to the point that I can often tell a quality item from across the store, and this purse turned out to be no exception. Getting it home, I looked up the name emblazoned on the zipper,,,Berge, an Italian purse maker.

A deal at 6.00! 

I hope you are all well. The entire Pacific Northwest has essentially been on fire. For awhile, my main fashion accessory was a fine particulate face mask---the smoke was that bad. That said, we haven't had to evacuate. What a summer....