Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Ramp Up to Eclipse Madness


I live around 30 miles or so outside the path of the totality for the upcoming solar eclipse. We've had nothing but dire warnings about how crowded and terrible the roads are going to be, how cell phone service is going to go down because of people photographing and posting eclipse pictures (and I hope they realize they need a filter on their camera lenses, even on their cell phone lenses, otherwise the sun can burn out their equipment), how we may have dire gas shortages, etc etc. People have reserved hotels in tiny rural towns like Madras, Oregon years in advance.

I have to admit, all this makes me incredibly tired and irritated. Would I like to drive the 30 miles to see the total eclipse? Well, sure. But I'm not going to. I don't want to fight the traffic. I don't want to stand around with all of the rabid picture takers. A total solar eclipse used to be a very magical thing---and now, with all of the hype and people feeling like they absolutely have to have pictures (because in this society, if you didn't get a picture it didn't happen/you weren't there) it feels like it's reduced to some Facebook event. Even a recent Accuweather article aimed at people wanting to take pictures of the eclipse says that people should get their equipment ready in advance because it's an amazing event and "you should be spending at least half of your time just enjoying it".

Yes. I will have 99.99 percent sun coverage where I am and that is good enough for me. I may even make an old school pinhole viewer for the event. I'm not knocking people who need to take the pictures---after all, unless you are an eclipse chaser, as I understand it, there won't be another one across the US for 38 years. But remember, this isn't just some fancy picture to post to social media. This is the moon crossing in front of the sun out there in crazy outer space, blocking the rays of light we need to function on this planet. Magical, and a little bit terrifying.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Dark Mori Shelfie #1

Not being a big "selfie" person, I like the "shelfie" trend. Here is my first dark mori shelfie. I've had the crescent moon hair pins for over 15 years---just rediscovered them the other day.

I'll definitely wear these when observing the upcoming eclipse! Are any of you traveling to see it? Good luck out there!

I know most everyone is surging over to IG---I probably won't and will just plod along here on my Jurassic era blog :) I'm a pretty random poster as it is.