Monday, May 29, 2017

Thrift Store Therapy---Ghost Hand, Crow, Long Dead Composers

Sometimes I'll thrift something I think I'm gonna sell---then I get home and realize I need to keep it, at least for a little while. So it went with this mid century Lefton hand ring dish. Pastel and floral, not really my style, but the hand is so elegant, and when I set it on my mantle with some other stuff, I realized what a great piece it really is:

I knew I'd be keeping this crow the moment I saw him:


Fabulous resin molded deer plate, I love these. 

Burwood famous composer busts

Mid Century famous composer busts made by Burwood. Along with Syroco and a few other companies, Burwood helped make the 60s-80s awesome with their plastic molded decorative wall art.
These guys are available in my shop.


  1. There's something about that hand, isn't there? I can understand why you kept it. xxx

  2. Yes, had to hang on to it! That is the great thing about dealing in can keep things for as long as they speak to you, then move them along in your shop when their time is done. Might be hanging on to this one for quite awhile, though :)

  3. It is a very ghostly hand ... I love it! I try to sell things before they have a chance to get comfortable in my own home. I seldom succeed. ;)