Sunday, May 7, 2017

like a fairyland...

I saw this guy tucked into a tree stump when I was hiking the other day. Strangely (or maybe not) I had just been thinking about fairies. The last hike I did, I came across a field spangled with amazing spring flowers---a woman was coming from the opposite side and we both stopped to admire the scenery together. She said " It's like a fairyland!". I nodded in agreement, but as I moved on I thought to myself "it isn't like a fairyland---it is a fairyland!" 

Whether it's a cheeky little alien figurine someone left for discovery (and what are "aliens" but a form of modern fairy, no?), magical purple iris and lilies, or the elephantine fiddleheads of the sword fern, this is fairyland.

But fairyland isn't all beautiful flowers---there is always a hint of danger.

Behold the lovely new spring shoots of the poison oak plant. All red and shiny, like the blisters it will give you if you touch it! One must take care when traversing the enchanted landscape.

Here I am wearing my favorite May accessory---Spring mud :)


  1. Beautiful post, Tilda.
    And I agree - that little alien is a modern fairy!

  2. Thanks Carol---time for flowers!