Monday, May 1, 2017

In The Dark Enchanted Forest

My friend Dver bought a vintage Polaroid camera and has been experimenting with pictures in various settings. A true vintage Polaroid imparts a hazy, diffused look to the pictures taken with it, a look that really can't be accurately reproduced with digital editing programs.

These are photos taken at the Enchanted Forest, an amusement park in the woods outside of Salem, Oregon. The place is already magical, and a bit creepy, but it takes on a whole new shade of weird when photographed with a Polaroid Camera.

For contrast, here is a digital picture I took of the scene in the first photo above:

Still a bit creepy (that rabbit), but does not have the dreamlike quality that the above pictures do.
Fortunately, they still make film for Polaroid cameras---unfortunately, it is hideously expensive (around 26.00 for 8 pictures). So one tends to take more care in selecting scenery, time of day, light and shadow, a consideration we have all but lost in these instantaneous, digital days.


  1. Great photos! We've got a few old Polaroid cameras but you're right, the film is horrendously expensive and often past its best so the results can be very hit and miss. x

  2. I still have a polaroid camera in hopes that I might find some cheap film somewhere. I do like the dreamlike quality of the photos but the cost of the film means you can't experiment as much as you want. I used to like taking self-portraits with it.