Thursday, May 18, 2017

Goodbye Chris...

I'm not a person who is tied to my phone, so when I heard about Chris Cornell dying, it was a snippet on the radio around 10 oclock in the morning, long after the inter/twittersphere had the news. I burst out crying.

I cried when Bowie died, but this is something much more personal somehow---representative of a definitive period of my own life, when Soundgarden was an intimate soundtrack to my emotions and the times themselves. I was fortunate to have seen Soundgarden in 1990---and then two of Chris' solo tours. I even made a pilgrimage in the 90s to the actual "Soundgarden" itself in Seattle, the musical sculpture park from which the bank took its name.

Kurt Schlosser

When Lemmy died, I listened to a lot of Motorhead---when Bowie died, I listened to my favorite songs of his. It's gonna be awhile before I will be able to listen to any Soundgarden songs. I know there are many people out there whose hearts are broken. And his family: good gods I can't even imagine. Rest in peace, Chris.

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