Thursday, May 4, 2017

Gentlemen....and Monsters


I thought I'd follow up the last post by telling you about some books published by Dver, who did the Polaroid photos in the last post. First off is her bespoke book "Gentlemen, Madmen,Things That Are Not Men". This is an extremely limited edition art book, a labor of love, featuring her Polaroid pictures, antique cabinet card pictures, and original poems. She hand stamped the copper plates on each cover and decorated the end papers with a hand carved stamp. Here is my favorite poem from the book:

The mound is cold but beautiful
It sparkles in the candlelight
The revels can be endless here
For underground, it’s always night
But as the flames die one by one
The time has come, their favorite part
When all the lords and ladies
Take their masks off, in the dark

If you are not into gentlemen, fairies, or monsters (and I can't see why you wouldn't be!) Dver has some other interesting books out, including her pamphlet "Working With Animal Bones". She distills years of valuable experience in cleaning and preserving bones into this modestly priced (7.95!) little 32 page guide. 

She also has a book called "The Secret History of Carnival Talk" . She describes it as such:

"Who doesn’t want to run away and join the carnival? Part memoir, part cultural history, part linguistic exploration, The Secret History of Carnival Talk traces the evolution of this curious manner of speech from its origins on the midway to its use by wrestlers, rappers and children at play. The text is accompanied by many fascinating photographs of a Depression-era travelling carnival."

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