Thursday, April 6, 2017

Snow Queen Ballet

So excited! Going to see "The Snow Queen" ballet this weekend! The costumes and sets look awesome. The Snow Queen is one of my all-time favorite fairy tales, one that I read and re-read out of a great vintage Hans Christian Andersen book when I was a kid.

Gerda's journey to save Kay, and her self-transformation along the way, is one of the great fairy tales of all time, in my opinion. Especially because it features a young girl as the "hero".

This production is overseen by Toni Pimble who has done a number of other amazing shows over the years, including a magical "Alice in Wonderland" ballet and, I am pretty sure, an amazing ballet adaptation of "Dracula" that I saw years ago.

I hear there will be a giant mechanical raven as part of the props as well, which reminds me to recommend this movie, if you are at all interested in the Snow Queen story:

wiki here
A raven features highly in this rather hallucinogenic version, and is voiced by Patrick Stewart!

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