Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Moon and Dyeing Doilies

Well, we have sprung forward, passed March's full moon and are looking at Spring square in the face! I have daffodils and crocuses! I know some of you are looking at a snow storm...but it won't be long now, hang in there!

I was having tea in my vintage moon mug and ploughing through a pile of stuff I hadn't excavated in awhile, when I found my old "Love Tarot" set. I thought I had given it away. I think that a lot about stuff, then find it under a bunch of other stuff in some forgotten corner :) At any rate, this set has collaged artwork which is truly appealing. I'm glad I kept it.

As well as sorting through forgotten stuff, I have taken up overdyeing things again. I have an enormous collection of vintage doilies and have begun dyeing them. Conveniently, most vintage doilies are white or beige, and take dye very well. Here I used olive green iDye:

I'll probably make some of these available in my shop eventually when I get a good bunch together.


  1. As you know I'm doing a lot of my own excavating as well to edit, cull and purge possessions that have been stored a long while since our big move. It is exciting to re-discover Treasures forgotten and I too am glad that I kept some of them... tho' most being ploughed thru are being Sold Off and I'm Happy to report the percentile kept is minimal! Have you considered Creating some wearable Art from your doilies after you dye them? I have some wonderful T-Shirts embellished with doilies, you deconstruct the shirt and add doilies in places of interest, I get many compliments on them and they layer well with regular tank tops. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Well, that's a good idea, Dawn! I'll give that a try. I have pounds and pounds of these things :o It would be good to use some of them in projects like that...