Friday, March 24, 2017

Mr Adorable

This guy has to be in on everything I do. Setting up to take listing photos? He's right there. He could be in a dead sleep in the next room, but by golly, he knows when I get out the camera and start working.

And who could blame him? Look at that face!

Altering a costume dress? He has to weigh in on that too! And he knows he looks good in pink :)

He's even made it into my shop as a model. Here he hawks a vintage Hull kitten planter. A fair likeness, don't you think?


  1. He reminds me of my Yuko, she had to get into all my pictures and projects, too :)

  2. He is a handsome boy! My Sylvester has to be wherever I am too, even though he could have been in a deep sleep 10 seconds previous.

  3. That planter is adorable, just like the real Mr. Adorable. lol