Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Symbolic Heart

 I've always been attracted to the symbol of the Sacred Heart. There is something deeply resonant about the image, and while the Sacred Heart has particular Christian imagery (flames, encircled by thorns, the divine love of Jesus, the fire of God) the heart itself as a religious and pre-Christian symbol goes way back, at least as far as ancient Egypt. It is has also been used as a fertility symbol. In a simplified form, the heart is depicted as an inverted triangle. Following along with this, the heart as a symbol has also been related to female private parts--- and, when it is depicted with blood flowing from it, well, that is a connection that is easy to see. Put this together with the heart as a symbol of love and Valentine's Day, and this holiday happening as we move out of winter and into the fertility of spring, and it makes a certain sense.  However you choose to look at it, the heart is a powerful symbol. So let's celebrate the heart in all its forms, and Happy Valentine's to you!


  1. I'll never be able to look at a sacred heart in quite the same way again, Tilda! Happy Valentines! (Day late, sorry.) :)

  2. Yeah, sorry about that, ha ha! When I was first introduced to the idea and went and looked at some of the bleeding heart pictures I was immediately struck by the image, and how I could not have seen it before. "Symbols with symbols" is utterly fascinating to me.

    1. Oh, that's okay - I'm always happy to learn how to look at things in a new way! Except it made me think of an old sacred heart buckle I used to have which I haven't seen since I've unpacked, and that's going to bother me for the next umpteen weeks. LOL

  3. I'm late too - finally catching up on my favorite blogs! Happy Valentine's day and thanks for the info - I didn't know the history, and I love finding out these types of things!