Monday, February 8, 2016

Snowman and Snow Angels

I got new snow shoes for Christmas so we took them out for a spin this weekend. Surprise, there was a snowman on Midnight Lake! He already had his lichen toupee, but we added the mustache, mouth and eyes.

Saw this pair of snow angels on the way.

There was only about 5 feet of snow out there, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. Turned a bit rainy later on, though.

Still some icicles on the ranger station!


  1. I've never tried snowshoeing - I hear it's a lot of hard work! Probably why I'd never tried snowshoeing. ;)

    That's a lot of snow! Ours is practically all melted as we've had a Chinook the last week or so. I'm sure we'll get lots more before winter is over - maybe I'll drag out those old wood and sinew snowshoes and take a stab at it myself. Ha. Hahaha. :)

  2. we haven't gotten a lick of snow here! It's getting up into the 70sF now! Yuck!