Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Symbolic Heart

 I've always been attracted to the symbol of the Sacred Heart. There is something deeply resonant about the image, and while the Sacred Heart has particular Christian imagery (flames, encircled by thorns, the divine love of Jesus, the fire of God) the heart itself as a religious and pre-Christian symbol goes way back, at least as far as ancient Egypt. It is has also been used as a fertility symbol. In a simplified form, the heart is depicted as an inverted triangle. Following along with this, the heart as a symbol has also been related to female private parts--- and, when it is depicted with blood flowing from it, well, that is a connection that is easy to see. Put this together with the heart as a symbol of love and Valentine's Day, and this holiday happening as we move out of winter and into the fertility of spring, and it makes a certain sense.  However you choose to look at it, the heart is a powerful symbol. So let's celebrate the heart in all its forms, and Happy Valentine's to you!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Snowman and Snow Angels

I got new snow shoes for Christmas so we took them out for a spin this weekend. Surprise, there was a snowman on Midnight Lake! He already had his lichen toupee, but we added the mustache, mouth and eyes.

Saw this pair of snow angels on the way.

There was only about 5 feet of snow out there, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. Turned a bit rainy later on, though.

Still some icicles on the ranger station!