Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Krampus Sweater

I noticed that the movie "Krampus" just came out. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it will be true to the actual Krampus (and if you want to see what goes on in countries where the Krampus is a real cultural thing, have a look at this terrifying Krampuslauf video on Youtube). I'll reserve judgement until after I see the movie, however, because you never know. It did remind me of a funny story in my own life from a couple of years ago. A good friend of mine got me this awesome holiday Krampus sweater from Shredders:

I wore it out a couple of times, once to a hipster bakery in the neighborhood to look at buche de noel cakes, where I thought the sweater would be appreciated, but instead, I received uncomprehending glares from the bearded, bespeckled millenial cashier. The funny part, though, came on Christmas Eve. Now, most of my family would not appreciate me showing up in a sweater with a devil on it at Christmas. However, there is one little corner of the family that tolerates such behavior and is even interested in it. I was scheduled to have dinner with my husband at this family's house. I decided, hey, good time to wear the sweater! Off we went. Well, I was under the impression that it would just be the four of us at dinner. Instead, when we arrived, I saw an unfamiliar car, and heard different voices coming from the house.  Craaaaaap.  I hesitated on the step. Great, I am about to bust into the house wearing a lurid Christmas devil sweater and I have no idea who is in there. C'mon, my husband said, why even have the sweater if you aren't gonna wear it? Well, we do have some super-uptight people in the family who already think I'm a nutbar and I could just picture the scene that was about to ensue...

We went in. It turned out to be some friends of the family. Not a word was said about the sweater the whole time we were there. Not a single word. Hahahaha!!!

Looking around the internet I see that there are a ton of Krampus sweaters/Tshirts out there now. Maybe my sweater will be better appreciated this year. Gruss von Krampus!


  1. I had no clue Krampus was that popular he had his own sweaters! I would loved to have been in that bakery when you walked in. Also, the family supper! I wonder if they said anything to each other after you left, or whether it was never spoken of again. LOL

  2. I have heard the word and had a vague understanding but your post had me looking it up. The first demon in the video made my heart stop a little, didn't expect it! The whole thing and the sweater is awesome! I'd love to be at that festival, saying this as a Hispanic raised Catholic AND taught to believe demons are very, very real. :D (Oh, the nightmares and nightly fears.) I love stuff like that. No words spoken about it at the family supper is also awesome. I love little social experiments like that.