Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Save Those Pumpkin Stems!

Hey there, do you still have your jack o lanterns sitting around from Halloween? If you do, save those pumpkin stems! If you save them, you can use them in other projects and displays, like I show above. I took a ball of twine and stuck a dried pumpkin stem in it for a clever, autumnal display. It's easy to save stems, and they dry out really well. I have a couple that I have had for years. Just cut off all of the fleshy pumpkin stuff from around the stems, lay them out on a towel and just let them dry naturally on your kitchen counter for a few days. If you get any mold on the bottom or have a bit of pumpkin skin left on your stem you will be able to just peel it off after a couple of days.

You can even make fabric pumpkins like these,


and use your real pumpkin stems on them. Check out Craft Buds for a great tutorial on making fabric pumpkins like the ones above.


  1. Great idea! My pumpkins are very close to giving up because of the heat...

  2. I'm so late on this post. Sorry! I love the twine pumpkin, so creative!