Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring Picnic in the Graveyard

I have loved graveyards since the day I stumbled upon a semi-neglected pioneer cemetery in a coastal forest when I was 12. It was beautiful and a bit unnerving---but very peaceful. Recently I went to a different pioneer graveyard, with a friend, to enjoy a spring picnic. I had been to this cemetery once before, with another friend, and had wanted to come back. We dressed in our graveyard finery---the dress I am wearing above was a Goodwill score, a modern take on vintage style. In fact, my entire outfit is thrifted. Straw hat with dingle balls, black floral cross-body messenger bag, criss-cross walking shoes. The perfect outfit for picnicking and ambling amongst the tombstones.

This cemetery has been fairly recently restored. Out in the middle of vast agricultural fields, and a half mile walk on a gravel road, it has a wonderful restful aura. We were there for a couple of hours with our picnic and didn't see another person until we were getting ready to go.

Here in the PNW, we don't have the older European settler graves you can find on the East coast. These graves from the 1800s are about as far back as we commonly get.

Sadly, a large segment of the stones are for children. Life was hard in those days and many children died as infants or toddlers.

This cemetery has the only Women of Woodcraft grave I have ever seen. Typically these are for men (Woodsmen of the World):

Here is something interesting I didn't see the first time I was there:

One of the base stones had been cracked open and a shell fossil was found inside.

This graveyard had been subject to a lot of vandalism in the past.

I really have to hand it to the people who have spent so much time restoring and reviving this place.

One of the great things they have been working on is taking the downed branches from a large big leaf maple and making benches out of them. This is where we set up our picnic.

What's a picnic without a gratuitous cream puff for desert?

 Altogether a lovely day in a beautiful, historic place.