Saturday, January 10, 2015

We Are Wild Again

We did our 2nd annual Perchtenlauf on New Year's Eve:

We marched through the streets and rang bells and howled---a superior way to spend New Year's Eve :)   Later I realized that all of the noise and bell ringing on a traditional secular New Year's Eve is likely, in part, an echo of these ancient practices, which is all about acknowledging and driving out the winter spirits.

My long-suffering husband took these pictures and video (hey honey, I'm going to march through the streets at night in 20 degree weather dressed as a monster and I really need you to take pictures!!)---I'm really glad he did because there were some very creative costumes this year!


  1. Tilda, that is sooo cool!! I am really happy to see this!! (and what a great husband you have)
    When we were kids, and even up until a few years ago (I have been heading to bed before early!), we would go out on the front porch and bang pots and pans together at midnight. I may just have to get together some friends and do this next year.

  2. Now that's a cool way to spend New Year's Eve!