Saturday, January 17, 2015

Thrift Store Therapy-Anthropomorphic Fruit!

I haven't done one of these posts in awhile because I haven't been to a thrift store in almost two months! But I've been feeling the call, and I recently stopped in at the Salvation Army on the way home from a job. These guys were waiting for me :) It's getting hard to find chalkware anthropomorphics in good condition, and these are practically pristine:

find them here

Another thing I haven't seen much of lately is embedded resin wall art. I still see spoon rests and the like, but the sea life ones are also getting hard to find, at least in my area. I found one on the same trip I found the fruit:

listed here

Also picked up this gorgeous ribbon:

And this beautiful cotton slip, not vintage, but very wearable:

I got a plain black Gap dress, great for layering, on this trip as well. In fact, this brings me to my "resolution addendums", one of which is to wear more dresses this year and to jack my style back up. I swear I spent almost all of last year in a pair of jeans and a plaid shirt. Apparel used to be one of my art forms and I spent most of my 20s and 30s arrayed in all sorts of artistic outfits. Then, some hard times, a little weight gain and a general feeling of malaise caused me to abandon interesting dressing.
I've decided this is the year to get creative in my couture, once again :)

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  1. Gorgeous objects! With finds like these, I don't know how you can stay away from thrift-stores!

  2. Wonderful!
    I had some chalkware string holders like that - why oh why did I get rid of them?

  3. I love finding old chalkware wall ornaments at thrift stores, but you don't see the stuff around much anymore. Those little veggies are very cute!

  4. I haven't had much luck in thrift stores myself lately. I guess eventually all the good stuff gets snapped up.

    Jeans and plaid shirts ... yup, I hear ya. Time to kick it up a notch for me too! More dresses (maybe plaid) and petticoats and Doc Martens. ;)