Thursday, January 29, 2015

Project 365===13-19 Not Facebook

Here we go with another weeks worth of photos:

I was going to recycle this box. How foolish of me!

A sticker a friend gave me. Because I am one of the few people who is NOT on Facebook :)

Uhh, this hardly ever happens. They are almost touching!

a 1990s "Little People" figurine

I rearranged my kitchen and uncovered a window that had a shelf in front of it. This was the curtain on it. Time to replace it dontcha think?

And....this was my outdoor table umbrella. I see a theme here....

A favorite coffee cup and a ridiculously large apple that I made into an apple/walnut salad

Yes, well, lighting and exposure are two areas I definitely need to improve. I will admit it, I use the auto settings on my camera. I am terrified of manual. But, time to get over that!


  1. Why are camera manuals so darn intimidating? Soon as I run across the word ISO, my eyes start glazing over ... I like that sticker. :)

  2. Oye, likewise, I hate Facebook. My biz is connected to the personal one or I'd delete it. Once you go manual you never go back. I may write an eBook on it, it really helps you take the photos you want to. And tripods, forever!

  3. Oh, I'm in love with the profile Picture.

  4. You think that's a big apple? You should come to Texas! They're SCARY big!! And I LOVE facebook. When you're in my line of work, you NEED Facebook. I can promote events, blog posts, sell items, do newspaper interviews AND check up on my friends and family with one website.