Monday, January 26, 2015

Favorites Round-Up

Been quite awhile since I showcased some of my favorites from Etsy. Found some amazing things!:

How about this incredible altered book? See it at Belleiso

I love the scent of earl grey and lavender, and together, well, just perfect! Find it at Scodiolicreatives

I'm a big Alien fan and I just watched someone play through the Alien Isolation game. Get this terrifying facehugger throw from maryscrochetnmore here.

Gorgeous shadow puppets can be found at IsabellasArt

 This 3 1/2 ft tall hand carved creature is spectacular! See it at BlamoToys

The Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro is one of my all-time favorite characters! Here is a great piece of fan art---find this painting at nicolesloan

Speaking of Totoro---how about these adorable Totoro shoes? Hand cobbled by Keymandesign

Want. This. Now. NOW!  Find it here at Stout Tent


  1. Whoa, that altered book is amazing! I love Earl Grey tea probably just because of the small of Bergamot, but - and I know this is odd - I'm one of those people who really can't stand the smell of lavender. Maybe the bearded lady has something with Bergamot and without lavender - I'll have to check!

    Nice finds! I always enjoy seeing what everybody else finds on eBay and Etsy, because that's exactly what I need is more cool stuff to buy. LOL

  2. I think lavender is too medicinal smelling for some people. At least that is what one fo my friends said :) The bearded lady has some other great scents though.
    Thanks for giving me the name of that 1800s craft book. I hope you enjoy "Woodland Style", I find it very inspiring. I really want to try the bird feeder hat!

  3. Oh I love that tent. It would be perfect for ren faire camp outs. I bet lavender and earl grey smells heavenly