Friday, December 26, 2014

My Cheaty Buche de Noel!

A couple of posts back I talked about how I am obsessed with buche de noel and how this was the year I would make one.

And here it is! Now, I will let you in on a secret---I "made" it by buying a pre-made rolled cake from the grocery store and pre-made frosting. Then I stuck a bunch of plastic decorations on it. The mushrooms aren't even meringue. They're paperclay. *for shame*

 But you see, I just had to have a log cake with gnomes on it this year. And time, as it does around the holidays,  ran out on me.  This cake is a carrot cake and the frosting is cream cheese. The frosting was white, and to make it a brown color I added a bit of cocoa powder.

Now I am gonna be honest with you. Visually, the whole thing turned out the way I wanted it to. Taste-wise, however, not so good! Standard grocery store (I will not name names) cake and frosting in a can is simply just not very good. They use so much weirdly processed sugar that just a thin slice of something like this can cause a stomach ache. So, next year I will get on it earlier and make something that is actually edible, ha ha!!

Hope your holidays have been going well----here comes the New Year!


  1. It looks delicious (and fun!) - sorry it didn't taste so good.
    Next year I plan on making a fruit cake - I guess I can still do one as we don't take down our holiday decorations for a few weeks yet.
    Happy New Year, Tilda!!

  2. It looks awesome though! I haven't seen a rolled cake or a jelly roll in a grocery bakery for years now. I'm surprised you were even able to find one! I'm with you on the taste of grocery baking ... I'd rather do without, and for me, that's saying something! :)