Saturday, October 4, 2014

Pinterest is for....Conservatives?

The Graphics Fairy

I ran across this article in the Washington Post the other day and had a good laugh. Clearly, the author of the article, and the Harvard study she cites, didn't bother to actually go on Pinterest and explore the different boards. All a person has to do is type in "liberal", "pro-choice", "feminist", "environmentalism", "pagan", "vegan" or any number of other words not commonly associated with conservatives (and, yes, I know there are conservative pagans, etc, etc), to see that Pinterest has a broad spectrum of political/lifestyle leanings. I can't understand why Pinterest has garnered the association that it's only for "vapid, stay at home moms who like to shop on the internet". For one thing, I don't have a problem with stay at home moms, or anyone who shops on the internet (which would be just about everyone these days?). It's a free(ish) country---people pin all kinds of things (and there are plenty of people outside of America who pin as well). The only criticism I can give some weight to is that sometimes you can't get back to the original source of the pin---but that criticism could be made about a lot of platforms---like Tumblr, for example. The article seems to sneer about people pinning recipes and Etsy stuff---uh, so what? That's what the site is for. Just like Twitch is a site for gaming where people go to watch other people play games---not generally talk politics.

Strangely, the article and associated studies don't even bring up YouTube, where you can not only find makeup tutorials and cat videos, but an astonishing plethora of political leanings, including alternative news shows---aha, maybe that's why the Washington Post doesn't mention it ;) 

Ultimately I guess I am irritated with blanket statements and superficial research, even in the guise of a "fun" look at the function of politics on various sites.

Are you a Pinterest user? What do you think?


  1. Well said! I held off on Pinterest for a long time, but find it is a sweet inspiring place.

  2. I LOVE Pinterest! Just call me vapid. :)