Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Found Art Project---Paper Masks

As we turn towards Halloween, it occurred to me that this is an excellent time to do another art storm. Especially since I had some paper masks left over from a recent thrift trip that were very spirit-of-the-season. None of them had strings on them, so I made some fasteners out of some left-over yarn I had from a previous art storm and soaked the yarn in one of my favorite fragrances, the aptly-named "Autumn".  I then took the masks out and left them along a running trail. This time I decided to group them all together in a thicket at a turn in the trail system.

This way, when someone comes around the corner, at least from one direction, they will be met with all these faces hanging from the bushes. Had I more time, I would have made some masks of my own to go with these pre-printed masks---I think it would be incredible to have dozens of these hanging off of bushes and trees---maybe next time :)

Boo! Happy Halloween :)

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