Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rose Tea

I have the best old-fashioned roses in my yard. Pink, with compact petals, they are super fragrant and prolific. I've taken to drying their petals every year and saving them to make rose tea.

You can pay quite a bit for "rose tea" blends in the stores. Instead, I make my own. I buy plain, loose leaf black tea and mix in the dried petals.

You can put other things in with the rose petals--here I put some cardamom pods in as well.

Drying the petals is a simple, pleasant task. I lay down a clean tea towel in a warm, dry place out of the sunlight. I pluck the petals and lay them across the towel, making sure that they are not all on top of each other so they have room to dry without molding.

 Then, I just let them sit there until they are dry to the touch. I don't have air conditioning so I find that when it's a hot day, the petals will dry out indoors within a 24 hour period. You could do it outside as well, but make sure they are in a shaded, covered place. I suppose you could use a dehydrator or dry them in a very low oven as well. Just be sure to use the fragrant kind of roses, usually the heirloom or old fashioned roses. The hybrid roses we have these days are bred mostly for looks and aren't very fragrant. And of course, make sure the roses you are using haven't been sprayed with pesticides. I've found the color of the petals concentrates as they dry:

I store my dried petals in clean, recycled glass jars. Store them in a dark cupboard---light exposure will discolor them.

You could also use these in bath mixtures or salt scrubs.


  1. Wow! This is a great idea. I LOVE roses and have 3 bushes in the small space that I have, but I never thought of drying and using the petals!

  2. beautiful!! this would be great for a bath! :D

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  3. Scull with roses is exquisite, I want one! x

  4. This is so cool -- the fragrance of rose is so exquisite. I love rose tea (and cardamom is another great spice) and never thought of drying my own leaves. In India, they make rose-flavored ice cream which is delicious. You can get it here in Indian grocery stores.

  5. Ah How I miss rose petals in the bath ~ our 130+ years old farm house just has a shower .
    I do foresee a bathroom renovation inspired by rose petals, in the future .

  6. In France I had tea bleu, black tea with dried cornflower petals. In France cornflowers are called les bleus. Lovely it was too.

  7. Those Roses are just gorgeous, the blooms so big they look like Peonies! Wonderful idea to make your own tea.

  8. I love rose everything including rose tea. I've read rose-hip tea is absolutely loaded with vitamin c, too. Gotta harvest some from my mom's house and make some!