Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Giant Sloth!!!!

I am a museum nerd. So when I heard that our Natural History Museum was having an open house and that there would be a prehistoric giant sloth skeleton, a life-sized sabre-toothed salmon (!) model, and free cupcakes to boot, I knew my afternoon was set.

Holy crap! I could easily fit inside this guy's ribcage! Good thing he's a plant eater...
Apparently, the giant sloths of yore were somewhere around 7 feet tall!

The sabre toothed salmon model was pretty interesting:

Also around the 7-foot mark, these guys had a pair of crazy teeth, presumably for battling during mating season. The scientists dub this species "Smilo" (short for Oncorhynchus (Smilodonichthys) rastrosus).
How appropriate! We decided it was less "sabre-toothed" than "fanged", though.  Sabre-toothed, to me, looks more like this:

A sabre-toothed cat of sorts whose name I didn't get. But it probably ate these:

Oreodonts. Sheep-sized herbivores that probably got eaten by everyone.

This is a miniature horse, I think from the Miocene or Pliocene. About the size of a border collie. I expect a sabre-toothed cat would eat one of these as well, if it could catch one.

There was also a great display of some native Alaskan art in one of the other rooms. The above mask is from the Anuktuvuk Pass.

More Alaskan mask art. These are miniatures.

There were also some displays of Native Oregon art:

And a fabulous reproduction of a traditional coastal dwelling:

Do you enjoy museums? Or sabre-toothed creatures?


  1. Hello Tilda,

    Yes, we too love museums and it is so good when there are free admission days offered. There is always something of interest and you discovered plenty at your local Natural History Museum.

    We have several favourite museums but the Soane Museum in London is probably still at the top of our list!

    1. I've been to the London Natural History Museum. I saw an animatronic dinosaur there!

  2. I love museums and had a massive thing about dinosaurs as a child, I won a prize for constructing a clay brontosaurus when all my classmates were still into Mickey Mouse! xxx

  3. Cool. I love museums, too. Throw cupcakes in and I'm there!

  4. I adore museums, this reminds me to go visiting again! I love that giant Sloth :D Yep. Scheduling trips, it's official.

  5. These photos are soooo coooool! I adore museums! Love all the skeletons, especially the sloth!

  6. I loooove museums... but ours here are pretty lame. Just local history kind of stuff.