Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Easter Jackalope Strikes Again!

 I knew it was time to get out the flocked jackalope and take some pictures---she's been antsy, just sitting up there on top of my fridge along with the flocked squirrel and the cat salt-n-pepper shakers. Actually, Ms Jackalope had quite an adventure the other day when Mr Scampers (my kitten) climbed up on a chair and snagged her from her perch. Thankfully she survived in one piece and is here to bring you a kitschy "Happy Easter" greeting :)

Hmmm, I think she looks a bit surprised here, like we came upon her nest at the edge of the woods (these are Northwest jackalopes, after all) and she isn't sure what to do. Will she charge and gore us with her little horns?

Nope, she lets us take the eggs for a photo session, on the condition we return them to the nest :)

Jackalope tales aside, I took some time today to color eggs, something I haven't done in a few years. I was rooting around in my spice cabinet and found an ancient food coloring kit. Some hot water, a dash of white vinegar and some drops of food coloring led to these variously-hued eggs. The ones in the moss basket were achieved with a left-over day old cup of coffee into which I put a few drops of red, then yellow, food coloring and a bit of vinegar. The bi-colored ones are rolled in baking micro-glitter:

This decoration came about because I started to try to do an ombre design on the eggs, then got lazy. Hey, I'll just put glitter on it! Always a good solution.

Easter is at once exciting and low-key for me. I celebrate it as the wonderous renewal of the green growing things that it is. And speaking of green growing spring things, I attended a wild foods workshop in Portland this weekend given by Dr John Kallas, pre-eminant foraging scholar and teacher. Because of him, I will be having a bacon and dandelion quiche tonight with a big-leaf maple blossom salad on the side. But more on that next time. In the meantime, we return the eggs to Ms Jackalopes' nest:

And hope for some jackalope hatchlings :)


  1. I fell in love with Jackalopes when we lived in Colorado !
    I look forward to hearing more about Dr, Kallas.
    Spiffy eggs :)

  2. love the jackalope!
    hope you had a wonderful day:)