Sunday, March 2, 2014

Snowshoeing with Bigfoot

My good friend, who runs marathons, talked me into entering a snowshoe race. Did you know there are special "running" snowshoes? Lighter and smaller than traditional snowshoes, these snowshoes are made so people can wear them with tennis shoes and race each other. A bit too much for me at this point (I don't run or even jog) but when I heard I could walk and do the race, well, I took a chance and entered. was fun! I did the short one, about 3 miles or so. I came in at the back at the pack, but I wasn't really there to race anyways---still, I got a medal for finishing :)

I'll take any chance to get outdoors and be near my beloved mountains, even if I have to enter a 4k race! Awesomely, Bigfoot was there! He started the race with us, wearing snowshoes, and then cheered us on. I didn't get a picture because I didn't have my camera on me during the race, but I found this video on Youtube so you can see him. Apparently, he is a fixture around the lodge :

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest :)


  1. Very cool that you went for the pleasure of it !
    Big foot is a great dancer .lol