Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cat versus Potato

As promised, here is my latest video of Mr Scampers, this time wrestling a potato. Cats are funny :)


Have you heard of the Internet Cat Video Film Festival? This is an awesome outdoor event
that takes place in Minneapolis, MN at the Walker Art Center's Open Field. This description,
directly from the Walker website, describes what the event is all about:

While normally viewed alone on a computer screen, our unofficial cat-lady-in-residence invites you to come gather together on the field and LOL in the presence of others as your favorite silly cat videos are projected larger-than-life one after the other.  Experience the joy of a surprised kitten or keyboard cat together. Participate in this experiment that tests the social boundaries of the online community with a live, off-line event as we attempt to gather in physical space and real time to enjoy one of the internet’s most popular phenomena.


Walker Art Center has sent out a "cat call" for nominations for the festival. You can find the nomination form here.
Mr. Scampers would be delighted if you enjoyed his video and nominated him for the film festival.
You can also nominate any internet cat videos you have enjoyed, including your own. Let's hear it for cats on the big screen!


  1. I remember the first baby photo you ever posted of Mr. Scampers , such a beautiful boy and full of fun isn't he ! :))

  2. O!!! What a precious! I am obsessed with cats, could watch them and their crazy ways for hours! XXX

  3. lol, this is so funny!
    our cats are pretty silly but it's our dog that is always getting into the potatoes.