Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Glass Forest

I had to share these pictures, the result of yet another winter blast that we received here in the temperate NW valley I live in. This time it first snowed, then rained, then froze, coating each and every bit of plant matter in a gleaming sheath of ice. I took the above picture at midnight, and it was dead silent, with everything looking like brittle glass. It was like I stepped into a fairy land, or the domain of the Snow Queen.

Frozen pine tree under the street light

Earlier in the day

It was one of the more extraordinary things I have ever seen. We aren't used to this sort of weather here where I live---in fact, it rarely snowed when I was growing up in these parts.

Vintage tea towel from my collection


  1. We haven't gotten any icy wonders like that but we did get our first snow just a couple of days ago. I was thick and pretty and fluffy... and then it melted just a few hours later.

  2. Wow, that's amazing. Thanks for capturing it and showing us.

  3. Beautiful photos but I can't even imagine how cold it must be! x

  4. It looks so beautiful, but I can just imagine that walking and driving in those conditions was a little dicey! :o)

  5. Nature is a great artist on its own. Looks like so chilly but I’d forget the cold in that beauty and wonder of the nature if I were there in person. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Loving these crisp, crystal ,ice wintery photos !