Monday, December 9, 2013

The Snow Fairy

Snow, snow, snow!! We got at least 6 inches of it and the temp was -10 during the night. Not a usual occurrence in our temperate valley.

Tiger Baby insisted on going out for a bit, but she didn't last long. The deeper snow out in the yard came up to her kitty armpits! She left some cute little pawprints on the porch:

One of my vintage gnome ornaments got out for some skiing---and accordian playing?

The snow is lovely and powdery and sparkly---time to go snow shoeing again :)
How is the weather in your neck of the woods?


  1. This week, lots of snow - and even though it makes for awful driving, it sure beats the -37C we had last week. For amusement, this morning we watched the tow trucks going up and down the very steep hill into Cochrane, towing all the commuters out of the ditch.

    Nothing beats playing the accordion out in the snow. Except for snowshoeing - now that's a good workout! Probably one of the reasons I don't do it any more. ;o)

  2. These photos tickled me :)
    We had a touch of snow this morn , and cold icy rain this afternoon , but just took a good long look and the green grass in peeking through again.

  3. Poor kitty! Ours are so funny in the snow, they hate it when their bellies get wet. xxx

  4. Love seeing the snow and living vicariously. It's so how down here we're still blasting the AC. BOO!