Friday, November 29, 2013

What I Did on Black Friday

1. I stayed in my pajamas
2. I didn't leave the house.
3. I drank many cups of tea
4. I ate leftover pumpkin and chocolate pie
5. I played with my cats
6. I started a new-to-me book, "The Girl With No Shadow", by Joanne Harris, which is the sequel to "Chocolat".
7. I played video games with my husband.

What I Didn't Do On Black Friday

1. Shop. Not even in a thrift store. Not even online.
2. Fight traffic
3. Risk my life and limb at 4 am scrabbling for material goods in some crowded department store
4. Stress
5. Buy things I don't need or even really want just because its "cheap".

I realize there are some people who enjoy the rush and bustle of the season and find Black Friday challenging and fun. I don't like crowds much so that kinda takes me out of the situation for starters---also, I deplore this whole culture that thinks we should rush right out after Thanksgiving and shop madly until the after-Christmas sales. Frankly, I like it when things are closed. I was in a very small town for Thanksgiving and the entire town was closed. It was so peaceful. Just the holiday lights twinkling and people out for leisurely walks after their meals. People had the day off! I once worked a job where we were open every single day of the year. I worked Thanksgivings and Christmases. I feel for the people who have to work the holidays.

I do sell stuff online and I have a series of posts called Thrift Store Therapy, so I am obviously not opposed to shopping in general. In fact, I plan to visit the Salvation Army this very weekend. I have 10 free dollars to spend there from saving up my receipts. But Black Friday? I'll always pass. And anyways, as far as clothes and shoes go, I'll be seeing that stuff in the thrifts within 6 months, ha ha!

Mr Scampers says: "Go to the mall?"

"I'd much rather nap!"


  1. Your day sounds like it went perfectly:)
    Good for you!

  2. What a lovely day you had! If I had Mr Scampers i wouldn't want to leave him either! x

  3. Mr Scampers is adorable. I would rather spend time with him than with any kind of crowd.
    I did go out on Black friday - for a great deal on cat litter. That was my main purpose and big "splurge." Now I am going to try and avoid any shopping (except groceries) for the rest of December. Giving up thrift stores will be my biggest challenge.

  4. I've never gone Black Friday shopping. I don't think it's worth getting trampled over for a pair of $5 shoes.

  5. Oh those blue eyes! Beautiful kitty! I didn't go shopping either, hell no! I did have to pack and ship a ton of online orders though :D