Sunday, November 24, 2013

Welcome, Mr Scampers!

It's high time I introduced you to a new member of my family--- Mr Scampers!
This sweet little guy was found abandoned in a parking lot when he was just a teeny, tiny kitten.

Here are some pictures of him right after he was found:

Just a tiny little ball of fluff. Spirited though, and fearless! His home was my bathtub, lined with towels, for the first week he was here, while I figured out what to do with him.

Keep him, of course :)

Now I just have to get Tiger Baby to accept him...


  1. Oh my! I am soooo jealous! We've had many cats but never a white one and have always wanted one. He is so cute, so lucky you found him.

  2. Awesome!
    Good for you both:)
    He's a cutie pie.

  3. What a little beauty and love the name Scampers !

  4. Awwwww, just look at those blue eyes! :o)

  5. AWWWW, It´s so cute!!! He looks like a black cat that I found in School, My teacher kept him.

  6. Oh, it looks like my Yuko when she was a baby, but she had olive eyes. Sooo pretty! :D

  7. that's the cutey baby kitty ever , so white and fluffy ♡