Friday, November 8, 2013

The Mushroom Show

Hello dear viewers, I made it out to the annual Mushroom Show again this year. This time around it was a challenge----it was pouring down rain, the show had a very high attendance and the tables the mushrooms were displayed on were almost impossible to get to because of the crowds. I'm not the most patient person in the world so I was unhappy that it was taking a good 30 min just to look at the mushrooms on one side of one table. And there were many, many tables. So instead of going through things methodically, I just kind of skipped around and took pics when I saw an opening. Here they are!

There was a display of lichens, too:

And a whole display of dyes that can be made from lichens and mushrooms:

The annual Scarecrow Contest was in full swing:

With one particularly creepy entry:
I don't know how many crows this thing would scare, but it definitely scared some humans :)

And I leave you with a classic fairytale mushroom, the amanita muscaria, or fly agaric:

Happy Fall!


  1. How interesting!! I love the creepy worm skull face thing

  2. Hi! happy fall to you too!
    Ooh I loved this post!!!
    I don't know if the first few mushies are edible, but they still had me drooling lol!
    Love them.
    What an awesome festival!!

  3. They're all so beautiful, Tilda! My favourite is the grey spotted one with the green gills. Toxic, I'm guessing? I'm afraid I wouldn't have had the patience to stick around to take pictures if it was that crowded. ;P

    I love the idea of dyeing things with mushrooms and lichens, except I'm really not all that fond of the colour brown! ;o)

  4. Oh such beauty! Your posts remind me to get back to documenting nature as soon as possible. I miss it!