Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mori Fall Fashion---Pumpkin Print Dress Vintage Suede Boots

I'm really fond of the "mori girl" aesthetic, although I prefer to call it "mori lady" in my case, since I am not one of the ubiquitous 20 year old fashionistas. "Mori" means "forest" in Japanese, and its a Japanese street style that relies on layering, earthy colors and forest themes---as if you live in a little cottage in the woods. And drink a lot of tea and read a lot of books :) There are many variations on the style, but they all seem to rely on loose-fitting clothes and a layered effect.

Elements of this style may often include: braided hair, scarves and shawls, hats, large tote bags and book bags, petticoats and crochet/lace items.  Vintage pieces are often incorporated.

vintage suede ankle boots

pumpkin print dress!

I'm holding this lovely vintage photo album in the first picture, a piece that I rescued from a dumpster. Complete with vintage photos. Hard to believe what people throw away!

                                                          1970s pumpkin print dress, Etsy
                                                          70s suede Canadian ankle boots, Goodwill
                                                          Beige fishnet tights, Target
                                                          Chenille wrist warmers, Etsy
                                                          80s Gap Book Bag, Goodwill
                                                          40s photo album  dumpster score!

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  1. Ah yes loose fitting earthy layers , forrest dwelling, books and tea , my kind of realm :)
    What a coolio little find the vintage album with vintage pictures !!

  2. The Japanese have the most maazing ideas for fashionable subcultures! Mori is lovely!
    Love that vintage photo album, what a find!

  3. Looks awesome!
    Love the tights and how wonderful to find such a treasure in the dumpster!

  4. I'm a nature-lover and like the mori girl aesthetic. My first girlfriend was a human animal who viewed herself as part of nature, like trees and squirrels. She opened me up to nature and I'm so glad she did. Now she lives in the deep woods of Wales and paints pictures of animals and nature scenes.

  5. HOly crap guess I'm mori. Can you have dreads and be Mori?:) I have to wear so many layers to ride my scooter, I always end up looking like a gypsy vagabond.

  6. Oooh, now I've learned what Mori means in style. Love your take on it- and I can't believe your score- what a treasure! Thank you for linking your great Mori kicks to shoe shine- You are a star!

  7. I love the Mori Girl style. It's so comfortably whimsical

  8. I'm becoming quite enamored with the Dark Mori look. Plus, loose layers at my age is a blessing!

    I looked at those boots and thought they looked very familiar - they're from Canada, eh? I wonder if they used to be mine - what size are they? ;o)

    1. I like Dark Mori as well, and some of the mori fashion I'm seeing that combines a sort of theatrical, ethereal make-up with colored hair and white layered clothing---almost like a forest spirit.
      The boots are size 8, and lined in fleece!