Friday, November 29, 2013

What I Did on Black Friday

1. I stayed in my pajamas
2. I didn't leave the house.
3. I drank many cups of tea
4. I ate leftover pumpkin and chocolate pie
5. I played with my cats
6. I started a new-to-me book, "The Girl With No Shadow", by Joanne Harris, which is the sequel to "Chocolat".
7. I played video games with my husband.

What I Didn't Do On Black Friday

1. Shop. Not even in a thrift store. Not even online.
2. Fight traffic
3. Risk my life and limb at 4 am scrabbling for material goods in some crowded department store
4. Stress
5. Buy things I don't need or even really want just because its "cheap".

I realize there are some people who enjoy the rush and bustle of the season and find Black Friday challenging and fun. I don't like crowds much so that kinda takes me out of the situation for starters---also, I deplore this whole culture that thinks we should rush right out after Thanksgiving and shop madly until the after-Christmas sales. Frankly, I like it when things are closed. I was in a very small town for Thanksgiving and the entire town was closed. It was so peaceful. Just the holiday lights twinkling and people out for leisurely walks after their meals. People had the day off! I once worked a job where we were open every single day of the year. I worked Thanksgivings and Christmases. I feel for the people who have to work the holidays.

I do sell stuff online and I have a series of posts called Thrift Store Therapy, so I am obviously not opposed to shopping in general. In fact, I plan to visit the Salvation Army this very weekend. I have 10 free dollars to spend there from saving up my receipts. But Black Friday? I'll always pass. And anyways, as far as clothes and shoes go, I'll be seeing that stuff in the thrifts within 6 months, ha ha!

Mr Scampers says: "Go to the mall?"

"I'd much rather nap!"

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Welcome, Mr Scampers!

It's high time I introduced you to a new member of my family--- Mr Scampers!
This sweet little guy was found abandoned in a parking lot when he was just a teeny, tiny kitten.

Here are some pictures of him right after he was found:

Just a tiny little ball of fluff. Spirited though, and fearless! His home was my bathtub, lined with towels, for the first week he was here, while I figured out what to do with him.

Keep him, of course :)

Now I just have to get Tiger Baby to accept him...

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thrift Store Therapy---Vintage Christmas Decor

I'm not the biggest Christmas fan---busy stores, crazy traffic and family drama cause me to approach the holidays gingerly. Except where the decorations are concerned! I love the lights of the Christmas season and I adore vintage decorations, like the 70s Santa cookie jar you see above. Here are some more of my recent  decoration finds (all of which are available here):

Satin Sheen Christmas ornaments

love these huge vintage Christmas bulbs!

vintage Dream Pets reindeer---can't believe I found a whole set!
adore the mid century "atomic" snowflakes :)

My Christmas decor is a mixture of vintage kitsch and natural decor---pinecones and the like. And I am crazy about Christmas gnomes! Especially vintage pinecone gnomes.

How do you decorate for the holidays?

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mori Fall Fashion---Pumpkin Print Dress Vintage Suede Boots

I'm really fond of the "mori girl" aesthetic, although I prefer to call it "mori lady" in my case, since I am not one of the ubiquitous 20 year old fashionistas. "Mori" means "forest" in Japanese, and its a Japanese street style that relies on layering, earthy colors and forest themes---as if you live in a little cottage in the woods. And drink a lot of tea and read a lot of books :) There are many variations on the style, but they all seem to rely on loose-fitting clothes and a layered effect.

Elements of this style may often include: braided hair, scarves and shawls, hats, large tote bags and book bags, petticoats and crochet/lace items.  Vintage pieces are often incorporated.

vintage suede ankle boots

pumpkin print dress!

I'm holding this lovely vintage photo album in the first picture, a piece that I rescued from a dumpster. Complete with vintage photos. Hard to believe what people throw away!

                                                          1970s pumpkin print dress, Etsy
                                                          70s suede Canadian ankle boots, Goodwill
                                                          Beige fishnet tights, Target
                                                          Chenille wrist warmers, Etsy
                                                          80s Gap Book Bag, Goodwill
                                                          40s photo album  dumpster score!

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Friday, November 8, 2013

The Mushroom Show

Hello dear viewers, I made it out to the annual Mushroom Show again this year. This time around it was a challenge----it was pouring down rain, the show had a very high attendance and the tables the mushrooms were displayed on were almost impossible to get to because of the crowds. I'm not the most patient person in the world so I was unhappy that it was taking a good 30 min just to look at the mushrooms on one side of one table. And there were many, many tables. So instead of going through things methodically, I just kind of skipped around and took pics when I saw an opening. Here they are!

There was a display of lichens, too:

And a whole display of dyes that can be made from lichens and mushrooms:

The annual Scarecrow Contest was in full swing:

With one particularly creepy entry:
I don't know how many crows this thing would scare, but it definitely scared some humans :)

And I leave you with a classic fairytale mushroom, the amanita muscaria, or fly agaric:

Happy Fall!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Thrift Store Therapy---Whole Lotta Weird

I've come across some really wacky stuff in the thrifts lately. I tend to like the wacky, the super-kitschy and the just plain bizarre, so that stuff often comes home with me. You may be asking yourself, what the hoozle is that thing I am looking at above, Tilda? Well, my dears, that is a hand-carved, wood-burned figurine of Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster!

I just love this truly one-of-a-kind stuff. This piece strays into folk art territory. The wood-burning is really well done!

Here we have a big-eyed Lee print affixed to a thick piece of cork. I've never come across a big-eye decoupaged onto cork before...

Is it just me or is this picture downright creepy? I used to be really into collecting the weirder religious art I would find in the thrifts---then I repented (ha ha!) and gave it all away. This one was just too freaky to leave behind (ha ha again!!).

There is a whole genre of mid century "wood" ceramics. This one is made by Gin and is better quality than some of the others I have seen.

This little ceramic gnome house is for simmering potpourri.

Naturally, when I see cats dressed in clothes, I have to have it. Despite the hideous lace ruffles which are almost too much for even me :)

And finally, a fab plastic mushroom ring! 

What weird stuff have you found lately?

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