Monday, August 26, 2013

You Know You Are A Cat Lady When...

I saw this adorable mini tiara comb when I was having lunch at a local antiques store/cafe. I took it to the register, where the lady rung it up and asked me "For your little girl?" I hesitated a moment and then took the plunge. "Nope. It's for my cat---for some photographs"

She stared at me for a second, then smiled and wrapped the tiara up. "Well, have fun!" she said "And bring us a picture!"

Easier said than done. Tiger Baby is a good-natured cat, but that good nature doesn't extend to costuming. I often joke with her "I can't fully realize my cat lady status until you let me put a hat on your head!" She is unmoved. But the process of getting her to wear the tiara resulted in some fun pictures:

Action shots!

Eventual victory

We almost had it in the 4th photo. But every time I was in the process of clicking the shutter, she would fling the tiara off of her head. It became a game that she eventually won :)

If you want to see some true hat-wearing cat professionals, check out ToScarboroughFair's  Etsy shop:

Cat crown from ToScarboroughFair via Etsy


  1. LOL, she looks just choked in photo #3! :D

  2. LOL The last photo she is giving the impression of having said ' I told you the crown is beneath me !"

  3. Ha ha! This made my day. Wonderful to know there are other mad cat ladies out there who attempt hats and crowns on their feline companions. Mrs Black is not having any of this either. x