Monday, August 19, 2013

Thrift Store Therapy---A Dancing Clown

I'm not the biggest fan of clowns or circuses (unless its a circus without animals, like Cirque du Soleil).
And I've never really liked that song "Send in the Clowns". Yet somehow, all of those things came together in my latest thrift store finds. The figure is a vintage paper mache circus performer doll, her joints held together with cotton rope:

She looks a little demented, no? But I love rough, folk art dolls like this and the charming paint job with the glitter accents caused me to take her home.

 I picked up the "Dancing Clown" box at a Goodwill a few days prior to finding the doll. The clown box was probably originally a jewelry box, now missing its drawer. But the wind-up mechanism still works, and the clown still dances. Most charmingly! I love the black background. Of course, it plays "Send in the Clowns", a tune I have always hated, ha ha! I picked it up and set it back down this a dozen times before I finally took it to the register. It was 1.99 and the doll was 2.99, so not so bad. They make a great display together.

Maybe "Send in the Clowns" isn't so bad after all :)
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