Monday, August 26, 2013

You Know You Are A Cat Lady When...

I saw this adorable mini tiara comb when I was having lunch at a local antiques store/cafe. I took it to the register, where the lady rung it up and asked me "For your little girl?" I hesitated a moment and then took the plunge. "Nope. It's for my cat---for some photographs"

She stared at me for a second, then smiled and wrapped the tiara up. "Well, have fun!" she said "And bring us a picture!"

Easier said than done. Tiger Baby is a good-natured cat, but that good nature doesn't extend to costuming. I often joke with her "I can't fully realize my cat lady status until you let me put a hat on your head!" She is unmoved. But the process of getting her to wear the tiara resulted in some fun pictures:

Action shots!

Eventual victory

We almost had it in the 4th photo. But every time I was in the process of clicking the shutter, she would fling the tiara off of her head. It became a game that she eventually won :)

If you want to see some true hat-wearing cat professionals, check out ToScarboroughFair's  Etsy shop:

Cat crown from ToScarboroughFair via Etsy

Monday, August 19, 2013

Thrift Store Therapy---A Dancing Clown

I'm not the biggest fan of clowns or circuses (unless its a circus without animals, like Cirque du Soleil).
And I've never really liked that song "Send in the Clowns". Yet somehow, all of those things came together in my latest thrift store finds. The figure is a vintage paper mache circus performer doll, her joints held together with cotton rope:

She looks a little demented, no? But I love rough, folk art dolls like this and the charming paint job with the glitter accents caused me to take her home.

 I picked up the "Dancing Clown" box at a Goodwill a few days prior to finding the doll. The clown box was probably originally a jewelry box, now missing its drawer. But the wind-up mechanism still works, and the clown still dances. Most charmingly! I love the black background. Of course, it plays "Send in the Clowns", a tune I have always hated, ha ha! I picked it up and set it back down this a dozen times before I finally took it to the register. It was 1.99 and the doll was 2.99, so not so bad. They make a great display together.

Maybe "Send in the Clowns" isn't so bad after all :)
Linking up with SirThriftALot and Thriftasaurus!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Devil's Goblet

July was a very hard month, dear viewers. Two people close to me passed away, and a third was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. To top it off, a large tree branch fell off a maple tree and completely destroyed the windshield of my car. On my wedding anniversary. Right before taking off to go camping.

I think I cried almost every day of the month.

After getting the windshield fixed, however, my dear husband and I finally took off last Friday and went camping. And---it was spectacular. We camped at the site that we were married at a decade ago.
We arrived with no reservations and got the last site available and had great weather all weekend.

We hiked and poked around in tidepools and sat by the campfire. It did my soul good.

a pink sea anemone
sea urchins

We visited the Giant Spruce Tree, a famous resident of the micro-clime where the campsite is situated. 

The view from inside the tree!!
A famous Pacific Northwest dweller--the banana slug

We also visited the Devil's Churn, a long chasm where the sea heaves and swells endlessly and slams into the back of an underground sea cavc:

And, we found a feature I had never seen before on previous trips. A moderately sized bowl in the rock where the sea shoots in through a hole and rapidly fills up the bowl. Just as quickly, the tide sucks the water out again. We dubbed it "The Devil's Goblet"

Quite terrifying, really! And big enough to fall into, so I kept my distance.

And finally, some lovely mushrooms along a nature trail.

If there is one thing I got out of the month of July, it is this. Disasters strike, tears will be shed. But a person still has to stop and admire the beautiful things and the glorious moments in the world because we only have so much time here. Embrace life as much as you can :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Hat Attack---Forest Pheasant

I thought I'd link up with Judith over at Style Crone, whom I have long admired, for her first  HAT ATTACK event! I'm showing a vintage headband of sorts made, in part, of pheasant feathers. I still have a pheasant feather turban from my grandma, and always have loved it, but it never fit my giant head :) When I found this one on Etsy for a mere 6.00, I was sold. It blends into my red hair and almost looks like a part of it. Anyways, I'm glad to see hats are making a come-back these days---stylish women like Judith have been helping their return.
Hats on!!