Friday, July 5, 2013

Untraditional Bouquets---The Random Gardener

I rarely buy flowers. I have a lot of foliage densely packed into my small yard and, I am willing to use flowers and greenery that are either considered weeds, or not common bouquet material. Above you see an arrangement made of the following:
Feverfew, commonly considered a weed (but valuable to herbalists)
Plantain, commonly considered a weed (but also valuable to herbalists)
Yarrow, both grown in regular gardens and valuable to herbalists
Buddleia, or Butterly Bush, now considered an invasive species in my area and is no longer sold in nurseries--however, it was here when I moved in so I get to keep it, apparently :)

Plantain has the most ethereal little flowers:

All of these plants were either here when I bought the place or self seeded at some point. If the Random Gardener has one overarching rule it is this: if it's growing there, it must like it there, and it gets to stay!

This arrangement consists of:
Oregano, gone to flower
Parsley, gone to flower
Calendula, or Pot Marigold

I planted the parsley, the calendula self-seeds every year and the oregano was already here. I love to make use of things that have gone to seed---its just another interesting form of the plant.

Here is the same bouquet with some Buddleia for a different look.

Okay, hold on to your straw hats for this one because this bouquet is based around---blackberries! There is also some feverfew, mint and an as-yet unidentified grass that has gone to seed. I think blackberries have the most lovely purple-pink flowers. I trimmed the thorns off the bottom parts of the stalk to make them easier to deal with. This is one you will want to keep away from the kids, unless you trim off all of the thorns.

see how pretty blackberry flowers are?

I often use vintage vases---a good match for untraditional bouquets.

Its all about seeing the beauty in what you have around you, and in common, often overlooked elements.


  1. How lucky to already have flowers around and how lucky thump you have!
    I'm enchanted on your flowers arrangement and with the vases.
    The blackberries flowers are beautiful indeed.

  2. You have blackberries? How awesome is that!

    I love bouquets that are random like this - much more than the expensive store-bought ones, actually. :o)

    1. My neighbors don't think its so awesome (I do try to keep it from encroaching on their property) but I fill my freezer with free fruit every year :)

  3. Lovely bouquets! Growing up our yard used to be full of blackberries! I would pick them and eat them until I got sick!

  4. Beautiful bouquets! I love how you're using "weeds" and herbs and allowing the plants to shine as themselves.