Sunday, June 16, 2013

The DMV and The Goodwill---Thrift Store Therapy

I had the task of getting my license renewed recently. I took the advice of a friend and went to the DMV in the next town over, which was supposed to be nicer and faster. Imagine my delight when I saw that there was a Goodwill right next to the DMV. Alrighty, I thought, I'll just get this picture-taking, license renewing nonsense out of the way and check out the thrift store!

I went into the DMV, which was a lot nicer than the one in my town BUT----it was ridiculously crowded. I took my number---and there were 30 people in front of me! I sat down and kept thinking of the Goodwill. Maybe I should just go over there for a minute? Everytime I thought that, a few numbers on the DMV board would whiz by, because people had gotten fed up and left. I just knew that if I went over to the thrift store, a bunch of numbers would go by and I would miss my turn. I sat there for an hour and a half, annoyed by these circumstances, until my number was finally called. I thought about how this situation could inspire a great phone app---one that would alert you when it was almost your number, so you could leave the DMV and not be stressed out that you wouldn't be able to get back in time. App makers take note!! Anyways, the long wait did not help the picture-taking process because I had a strained expression on my face and I got a classic license picture that looks like a mug shot. That I am now stuck with for years. Geh!

I ran out of there and right into the Goodwill. I found a few great summer shirts, a nice summer scarf, and then this guy, who perfectly sums up getting your license renewed:

Also this great glass for .49.

And these interesting Royal China "Tweed"  plaid dishes.

I spent less than 10 bucks on my haul, which was a considerably better deal than the 40.00 I paid for a terrible license photo, ha ha!
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  1. I used to go to a clinic that was right next to Goodwill.. I would go to the clinic, look around for what I collect most, then go check in at the clinic. When I came back out, I'd go poke around Goodwill again, see what new stuff might have come out (stuff sometimes pours out every 20 mins) & poke around for the not so important stuff!

    I've had the same health care photo for 7 years! & it's good until 2016. I didn't know you could have a photo for that long.

    Love the pissed off look on the garlic. Classic.

  2. Love the garlic!

    That would totally be me...hanging out waiting and waiting cuz I'd be afraid to miss my turn. lol.
    Well, no, not really. I'd probably give up and leave. I am a procrastinator-extraordinaire!

  3. the garlic salt grumpy face is the best. Now I'm going to go play with your cat over there.

  4. The grumpy garlic face says all!
    I love the tall glass design and $10.00 does sounds better than $40.00 for a bad photo and long lines!

  5. Great Goodwill therapy! I would have done the same thing. I think the DMV cameras are designed to only take mugshots. If they can come up with technology to make us look our worst, surely they can make the app you're talking about.