Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Shoe Shine---Unusual Black Flower Sandals, Plus a Victorian Brooch

Hello,  I'm linking up with Bella's ShoeShine party, and this time around I'm modeling a pair of unusual black beaded flower thong sandals I got out of a Chadwick's catalog several years ago. If you've ever seen a Chadwick's catalog you know they have fairly conservative stuff, but these thongs were an anomaly, and they were on clearance, so I couldn't resist.

Its always a gamble buying shoes without trying them on first, but these fit perfectly.

Sticking with the black color scheme, I thought I'd share this magnificent Victorian mourning brooch that my good friend gifted to me. First off, it seems to depict a dashing man, which is fabulous, and secondly, its huge! I do believe its black glass with an ebonite (also called vulcanite, which is a hardened rubber) bust.

You can see here that it has a classic C clasp pinback that extends beyond the brooch. Quite the gift indeed!


  1. The brooch is magnificent!
    What a great friend to gifted to you.
    Love your thong Chadwick's sandals and the orange color toe nails.

  2. Love both pieces! I am definitely going to check out Bella's link up!!!

  3. That brooch is fab, I thought I was the only person to collect Victorian weirdness, I'm in good company! x

  4. Your brooch is amazing! It's so pretty but it looks super heavy xx

  5. What a beautiful brooch- it's a stunner. As are your tootsies in your jet black goddess sandals. Thank you for sharing your soul (and soles) for June's Shoe Shine!