Monday, May 27, 2013

Swirly Skirt Time

Lovely handmade tulle skirt  TutusChicBoutique

Part of me loves simple, monochromatic fashions, mostly in black. The other part of me wants poufy crinolines, boho dresses and swirly skirts. Especially at this time of year. I want to put on something filmy and dance through the forest.

Beautiful chiffon dress  swanstore

Filmy pink 70s cocktail dress   Savanteer

Lovely dress handmade from upcycled laces and linens  

Gorgeous 50s Cotillion Formals dress OpheliaVintage

Lovely vintage crocheted skirt  flaminghagfolkwear

Spectacular floor length vintage 50s crinoline VeraVague

I found this lovely shop just a few days ago. They have gorgeous petticoats in 20 different colors!
Insomniac's Attic

Vintage boho muslin dress with crocheted trim here.



  1. Unfortunately, if I put on something filmy and tried to dance through the forest, I'd likely fall flat on my face. But I get what you mean. I'm growing very fond of that Mori Girl look myself.

    Thanks for the mention, BTW! :D

    1. Love your shop, and yes, dancing through the forest in something filmy would probably result in poison oak and a ripped skirt, ha ha! But I agree, I love that Mori Girl look :)

  2. Tilda, I'm with you when it comes to fashion I like many extremes and a wide skirt to dance with in my living room since I would petrified of being in the forest doing anything!
    Thanks for including all of the links since I never knew of them but 5 of them are now on my bookmarks menu.
    I like the changes that you have made to the blog look!
    Have a great week,