Friday, May 3, 2013

Its Mine!!!

You might remember this cat tote from my thrifting post here. Well, look who decided that it belongs to her! I put the tote on my bed the other day and Tiger Baby was on it within two seconds. The photo is blurry 'cause I had it on macro and forgot to change it. Anyhoo, she napped on it for two hours before I got it back again, now appropriately covered in cat hair. Ha!

I've got a big weekend planned with two different hikes and then a trip out to a big antiques fair in the country. The temps are supposed to be up in the 80s, totally ridiculous for this part of the country at this time of year. But, I'm gonna work that sunshine! Hope your weekends go well :)
Happy May!


  1. Well at least it was yours for a little while :D

  2. She looks very relax, resting on the tote!
    A weekend of antiques fairs and 80' degrees weather sounds fantastic. We are finishing with 5 days of non-stop rain and today is clear and beautiful and also in 80's.