Friday, May 17, 2013

It Would Behoove You To Give Me The Hoover

Well, dear viewers, I had a major 1950s vacuum moment recently and I ended up badgering the amazing beige and turquoise Hoover you see above, out of a friend. I'm not proud of it. But here is how it went---I was at my friend's place helping him clean up when I asked him for a vacuum to clean the entryway rug. "Well sure" he said, "I've got a vacuum we were going to sell at our garage sale, I'll just bring that in".
He rolls out this time-machine Hoover and my eyes bugged out. Look at the colors! And, its all made of metal! "Great vacuum!!" I practically screamed.
He snorted. "We were keeping it in the garage to vacuum up the cat litter".
I used it. It worked perfectly. I laid my plans.

Next time I was there I asked about the vacuum and he gave me a funny look. "You were going to sell it at a garage sale, right?" I said. " I'll buy it from you for whatever you were going to put on it." He looked at me like I had lost my mind. "Its a piece of junk!" he stated, rather emphatically.

Now I was determined to get that dang vacuum. I felt like he thought I was crazy and wanted to keep me from buying a "piece of junk". I knew that vacuum would fit right into my vintage-filled house, plus it worked wonderfully and probably would for another 30 years.  I brought over a crappy plastic Eureka bagless vacuum I bought a couple of years ago that I hardly used because it sucked (or more appropriately, DIDN'T suck properly, the job it was made for) but would suffice for cat litter purposes. " I am going to trade you this vacuum for the Hoover" I announced, "And pay you how much you wanted to sell the Hoover for at the garage sale".

He looked at me for a long moment without speaking. "Well," he finally said, glancing at the Eureka "at least that vacuum is from the 21st century!"

He sold me the Hoover for 10.00 plus my crappy Eureka vacuum---I think mostly to shut me up. I loaded the Hoover into the back of my pickup triumphantly.

You see, dear viewers, some people don't get the vintage thing. They think if its old, its crap. Well let me tell you, my parents have a metal Electrolux vac they got from THEIR parents, and that thing still works like a charm. And its indestructible. Unlike the plastic crap of today. There are good vacuums made today, Dyson and Oreck come to mind, but there is the style angle---the Hoover rocks a classic 50s streamlined shape and color palette that can never be exactly reproduced. And will Dysons and Orecks have the longevity? It remains to be seen.

Now, I just need one of those old school metal juicers in turquoise...

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  1. That is a beautiful turquoise girl! I would have wanted it too...

  2. Queen thrift a lot and master of negotiations is your new and very suiting name!

  3. the quality of products was so awesome way back then. I don't think we make anything now-a-days that will last more than 10 years. The generations to come will know nothing about vintage or antiques because there will be nothing left!!

  4. It almost makes me want to vacuum...and I LOATHE vacuuming. :)

  5. Love the vacuum! Congrats on wrestling that thing away from your friend! :)

  6. You feel the same way about that Hoover as I do my mother's GE floor polisher. I love that thing!

    Nice score ... I think you definitely came out ahead on that one! ;o)