Thursday, May 9, 2013

I finally got myself together to add to Bella's Shoe Shine party.  I've been in a bit of a country/cowgirl mood after going out to the Barn and Field Antiques Fair,

Here is my Shoe Shine submission, a pair of chunky-heeled boho Charlotte Russe cowgirl boots. I paired them with a graduated-hem cotton tiered skirt. The boots are faux leather with sparkly gold stitching and fabulous painted details.

These are 90s does 70s, and I love them! I got them at a thrift store for 7.00 during last  Halloween season. Those of you who are seasoned thrift store shoppers probably know that Halloween is one of the best times to thrift. The stores seem to save up a bunch of their great stuff to put out on the "costume" racks at this time. I have even found that some of the stores seem to save up their better vintage to put out during Halloween. I plan to wear these boots with skirts and dresses a lot this summer while I ramble through the fields and attend various festivals :)

Come on over to Shoe Shine and show us what shoes make your day!


  1. LURVE those boots! I try to save for spending big chunks of my tiny budget for October thrift shopping- as it seems vintage leaks all over the racks for Halloween shopping in thrift stores.

    Great boots! Thank you for linking up, and sharing. You're a super star!

  2. Thanks Bella! You've been very inspiring to me---thanks for having the Shoe Shine :)

  3. "Tea with the squirrels" and then "Tiger Baby says" ... som qute!I'm in love with Tiger Baby!

  4. I would die on the spot if I found those boots in a charity shop! They are bloody gorgeous, I'm in love! x

  5. These are really fabulous, love the colours. Great find! Minerva x

  6. Love the flowers details on the boots!
    You are so right about shopping or thrifting during Halloween because they do put out some of the best items in part because is also one of their most profitable days.