Friday, May 31, 2013

Art With Nature

I attended the Wildflower Festival recently. It was a very pleasant outing, but my camera battery died after just two pictures!! There is nothing like the frustration of lining up a great shot and pressing the button and...nothing. Anyhow, the festival had a segment where they displayed some art done with natural elements. The above picture shows an interesting perspective-based art piece with trees at different distances. The piece changed depending on where you stood to look at it. And don't fret, they painted the trees with some crushed rock that would wash off in the next rain :)

The second picture I managed to get was part of a display celebrating the elements. The above picture shows the assemblage for "water".

These art pieces were very like the work of Andy Goldsworthy. If you are not familiar with him see here  for some of his works.  Most of his work is temporary: wind, rain, and time will dismantle it, the only record of it being the photos he takes. I like this kind of art because it is at once very child-like---most children have drawn pictures in sand, made stuff with sticks, or lined up pebbles on the ground---and also very sophisticated. It is also very ancient. Stonehenge is a colossal and long-lived example.

Here is my picture, inspired by such things:

Have a splendid weekend!


  1. Even though you only got two photos, they are quite striking and I do knew about Andy Goldsworthy because I saw a documentary about his amazing works and as you said I love the fact that the art becomes part of the nature around it and eventually disappears just like anything else in nature.
    Have a nice weekend,

  2. That's right Ofelia, I forgot about that documentary, called "Rivers and Tides". Also, I have a couple of coffee table books of his art that a friend gifted to me :)

  3. What a wonderful concept! I know little about art, but always enjoy it! These are lovely pieces.
    O, my heart skipped when you said you'd bought during that crazy period, but settled when you said you survived the bubble bursting! Thank goodness! That was a wild phase! XXX