Monday, May 6, 2013

Antiques In The Barn and Field

I made it out to the antiques fair on the weekend despite getting a late start and it being a ridiculous 80-some degrees. It was way out in the country, a bit of a drive to get there, and there was an entry fee. I bought no antiques---these were of the "domesticated" variety, meaning that they were expensive, as opposed to those antiques a person finds in the "wild" (goodwill, garage sales, the curb). One woman did have an outrageous pink tulle 50s dress on a vintage mannequin and she was selling both for 140.00, which is a screaming deal, because people are getting over 100.00 for a dress like that ALONE these days. If I had 140.00 and more room at my house I would have snapped that sucker up!

Please enjoy another one of my blurry pictures. I swear I will learn to use my camera one of these days! The barn concept was kind of neat---it was cool and dark, and everyone had battery-operated candles and chandeliers going for ambiance.  

I did end up buying a pair of "grungy" battery-operated tapers. Made in China!!! I kind of felt like a jerk for buying them at an event that featured vintage and handmade, so I went over and bought this little nest with some eggs hand-decoupaged by the vendor:

This nest will hopefully end up on one of the hats I am working on. The festival season is coming up and I have to have outrageous headgear, so the hat-crafting is beginning :)

At another booth, a delightful little gnome of a lady sold me some culinary lavender and some home-made lavender hand cream.

I had some lemonade and called it quits. I really wanted to check out this event because I am considering doing some fairs again.  I've only done two in my life and they were rather grueling. But---hauling all of your goods out to a site, setting up, selling for hours, then breaking down and hauling out can never be considered easy. So we shall see...


  1. I really like the "domesticated" variety of antiques against the "wild" ones!
    You did manage to get some cool stuff and you are in hat making mood? Bless you that is something that I have never try to get into since my crazy experiences with my daughters headbands.

  2. Hats, crowns, headbands, tiaras! I love 'em all. I haven't actually built a hat from scratch yet, but its on my list :)