Friday, May 31, 2013

Art With Nature

I attended the Wildflower Festival recently. It was a very pleasant outing, but my camera battery died after just two pictures!! There is nothing like the frustration of lining up a great shot and pressing the button and...nothing. Anyhow, the festival had a segment where they displayed some art done with natural elements. The above picture shows an interesting perspective-based art piece with trees at different distances. The piece changed depending on where you stood to look at it. And don't fret, they painted the trees with some crushed rock that would wash off in the next rain :)

The second picture I managed to get was part of a display celebrating the elements. The above picture shows the assemblage for "water".

These art pieces were very like the work of Andy Goldsworthy. If you are not familiar with him see here  for some of his works.  Most of his work is temporary: wind, rain, and time will dismantle it, the only record of it being the photos he takes. I like this kind of art because it is at once very child-like---most children have drawn pictures in sand, made stuff with sticks, or lined up pebbles on the ground---and also very sophisticated. It is also very ancient. Stonehenge is a colossal and long-lived example.

Here is my picture, inspired by such things:

Have a splendid weekend!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Swirly Skirt Time

Lovely handmade tulle skirt  TutusChicBoutique

Part of me loves simple, monochromatic fashions, mostly in black. The other part of me wants poufy crinolines, boho dresses and swirly skirts. Especially at this time of year. I want to put on something filmy and dance through the forest.

Beautiful chiffon dress  swanstore

Filmy pink 70s cocktail dress   Savanteer

Lovely dress handmade from upcycled laces and linens  

Gorgeous 50s Cotillion Formals dress OpheliaVintage

Lovely vintage crocheted skirt  flaminghagfolkwear

Spectacular floor length vintage 50s crinoline VeraVague

I found this lovely shop just a few days ago. They have gorgeous petticoats in 20 different colors!
Insomniac's Attic

Vintage boho muslin dress with crocheted trim here.


Friday, May 17, 2013

It Would Behoove You To Give Me The Hoover

Well, dear viewers, I had a major 1950s vacuum moment recently and I ended up badgering the amazing beige and turquoise Hoover you see above, out of a friend. I'm not proud of it. But here is how it went---I was at my friend's place helping him clean up when I asked him for a vacuum to clean the entryway rug. "Well sure" he said, "I've got a vacuum we were going to sell at our garage sale, I'll just bring that in".
He rolls out this time-machine Hoover and my eyes bugged out. Look at the colors! And, its all made of metal! "Great vacuum!!" I practically screamed.
He snorted. "We were keeping it in the garage to vacuum up the cat litter".
I used it. It worked perfectly. I laid my plans.

Next time I was there I asked about the vacuum and he gave me a funny look. "You were going to sell it at a garage sale, right?" I said. " I'll buy it from you for whatever you were going to put on it." He looked at me like I had lost my mind. "Its a piece of junk!" he stated, rather emphatically.

Now I was determined to get that dang vacuum. I felt like he thought I was crazy and wanted to keep me from buying a "piece of junk". I knew that vacuum would fit right into my vintage-filled house, plus it worked wonderfully and probably would for another 30 years.  I brought over a crappy plastic Eureka bagless vacuum I bought a couple of years ago that I hardly used because it sucked (or more appropriately, DIDN'T suck properly, the job it was made for) but would suffice for cat litter purposes. " I am going to trade you this vacuum for the Hoover" I announced, "And pay you how much you wanted to sell the Hoover for at the garage sale".

He looked at me for a long moment without speaking. "Well," he finally said, glancing at the Eureka "at least that vacuum is from the 21st century!"

He sold me the Hoover for 10.00 plus my crappy Eureka vacuum---I think mostly to shut me up. I loaded the Hoover into the back of my pickup triumphantly.

You see, dear viewers, some people don't get the vintage thing. They think if its old, its crap. Well let me tell you, my parents have a metal Electrolux vac they got from THEIR parents, and that thing still works like a charm. And its indestructible. Unlike the plastic crap of today. There are good vacuums made today, Dyson and Oreck come to mind, but there is the style angle---the Hoover rocks a classic 50s streamlined shape and color palette that can never be exactly reproduced. And will Dysons and Orecks have the longevity? It remains to be seen.

Now, I just need one of those old school metal juicers in turquoise...

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Cat Mom Day!!

I thrifted this hilarious card last week (only .50 cents!) and sent it to my good friend, who is cat mom to 3 felines.

I  think its so funny that someone thought up a "cat mom" card to go with all the other uber-sweet mother's day cards that appear at this time of year.

And of course, Tiger Baby had to put her butt on it before I sent it off, ha ha!!!

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

I finally got myself together to add to Bella's Shoe Shine party.  I've been in a bit of a country/cowgirl mood after going out to the Barn and Field Antiques Fair,

Here is my Shoe Shine submission, a pair of chunky-heeled boho Charlotte Russe cowgirl boots. I paired them with a graduated-hem cotton tiered skirt. The boots are faux leather with sparkly gold stitching and fabulous painted details.

These are 90s does 70s, and I love them! I got them at a thrift store for 7.00 during last  Halloween season. Those of you who are seasoned thrift store shoppers probably know that Halloween is one of the best times to thrift. The stores seem to save up a bunch of their great stuff to put out on the "costume" racks at this time. I have even found that some of the stores seem to save up their better vintage to put out during Halloween. I plan to wear these boots with skirts and dresses a lot this summer while I ramble through the fields and attend various festivals :)

Come on over to Shoe Shine and show us what shoes make your day!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Antiques In The Barn and Field

I made it out to the antiques fair on the weekend despite getting a late start and it being a ridiculous 80-some degrees. It was way out in the country, a bit of a drive to get there, and there was an entry fee. I bought no antiques---these were of the "domesticated" variety, meaning that they were expensive, as opposed to those antiques a person finds in the "wild" (goodwill, garage sales, the curb). One woman did have an outrageous pink tulle 50s dress on a vintage mannequin and she was selling both for 140.00, which is a screaming deal, because people are getting over 100.00 for a dress like that ALONE these days. If I had 140.00 and more room at my house I would have snapped that sucker up!

Please enjoy another one of my blurry pictures. I swear I will learn to use my camera one of these days! The barn concept was kind of neat---it was cool and dark, and everyone had battery-operated candles and chandeliers going for ambiance.  

I did end up buying a pair of "grungy" battery-operated tapers. Made in China!!! I kind of felt like a jerk for buying them at an event that featured vintage and handmade, so I went over and bought this little nest with some eggs hand-decoupaged by the vendor:

This nest will hopefully end up on one of the hats I am working on. The festival season is coming up and I have to have outrageous headgear, so the hat-crafting is beginning :)

At another booth, a delightful little gnome of a lady sold me some culinary lavender and some home-made lavender hand cream.

I had some lemonade and called it quits. I really wanted to check out this event because I am considering doing some fairs again.  I've only done two in my life and they were rather grueling. But---hauling all of your goods out to a site, setting up, selling for hours, then breaking down and hauling out can never be considered easy. So we shall see...

Friday, May 3, 2013

Its Mine!!!

You might remember this cat tote from my thrifting post here. Well, look who decided that it belongs to her! I put the tote on my bed the other day and Tiger Baby was on it within two seconds. The photo is blurry 'cause I had it on macro and forgot to change it. Anyhoo, she napped on it for two hours before I got it back again, now appropriately covered in cat hair. Ha!

I've got a big weekend planned with two different hikes and then a trip out to a big antiques fair in the country. The temps are supposed to be up in the 80s, totally ridiculous for this part of the country at this time of year. But, I'm gonna work that sunshine! Hope your weekends go well :)
Happy May!