Monday, April 22, 2013

Thrift Store Therapy---More Cats!

vintage French "attention to the cat" sign

Man, I wish I could relax like my cat. I mean, just look at her! Melted into the sidewalk. No concerns whatsoever. Just the swivel of an ear now and again.

Well, in honor of Tiger Baby I'm showing you some more cat-related thrift finds:

a vintage cat mug

a ridiculously cute tote bag which I will enjoy in a NON-ironic way :)

And finally, a pair of vintage kitten paint by numbers pictures! I hardly ever see vintage paint by number pictures in the thrifts anymore and when I do, they are usually landscapes. These kittens are an amazing find indeed.

I'll lay off the cat stuff for awhile, I promise, ha ha!!
Have an excellent week!
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  1. Loving the cat related finds almost as much as your cat! They are shameless hussies, aren't they? We had a lawyer round the other day and one of ours leapt on the table and rolled over his files demanding a belly rub! xxx

    1. Ha ha, Vix! Did the lawyer oblige? Cats have a way of singling out the person who is most likely to ignore them, then forcing them to pay attention :)

  2. Cats are the most relax animals on our planet!
    Lots of adorable cats; my favorite is the bag with the cute kittens.