Monday, April 8, 2013

The Gnomes Gknow

Good day, dear viewers, I thought I'd share this utterly delightful little antique Pfaff sewing machine tin with you. The important thing to me about it is the GNOMES! Or maybe they are Brownies? At any rate, its hard to find antique stuff with gnomes on it at the thrifts. In fact, I rarely, if ever, come across anything like this in a thrift store anymore. I picked this little prize up yesterday at, of all things, a gem and mineral show. One booth had a tiny little section of antiques amongst all the beads and crystals, and this tin jumped right out at me. I paid way more than I normally would for something like this, but looking at it makes me so happy!
Hope you have a wonderful day :)
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  1. You've found such a beautiful treasure!

    Have a great day.

    Yvonne : )

  2. That is an incredible find!! Lucky you!

  3. They were there waiting for someone with love and enthusiasm to take them home and then you came and their tiny dreams came true!

  4. They definitely called to me, Ofelia. And, I found them in the last hours of the last day of the show, so I think you are right :)

  5. It's okay to pay a little more for something. I highly doubt you would have ever come across something like that again!


    1. Indeed, Erica, I would have been kicking myself if I had left without it!